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Traditional Croatian Jewelery TRADITIONAL CROATIAN JEWELERY Filigree earrings made 100% handmade in 18ct gold with pearls. SHOP TRADITIONAL CROATIAN JEWELERY Fjočice Earrings "FJOČICE" EARRINGS The shape of fjočice dates back to the beginning of the 19th century. Fjočice was traditionally worn by newlyweds from Konavle on their wedding day.
They are one of the most luxurious and demanding earrings to make.
Our workshop makes them by hand to the smallest detail (100% handmade).
Građanske Earrings "GRAĐANSKE" EARRINS
"Građanske" earrings are one of the most beautiful fashion accessories and are still worn at all social events in the city of Dubrovnik.
In our workshop we make them by hand to the smallest detail.
100% handmade.
Discover traditional Croatian jewelry
Botuni are one of the oldest examples of jewellery dating back to Illyrian times.
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Wedding rings
Find a timeless symbol of your love.
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Discover the most popular Croatian traditional jewelry
In ancient times it was known exactly who wore what kind of earrings, so the oldest women wore the largest konavolke earrings, and girls wore the smallest.
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Discover the new filigree set
Our new filigree set proclaims the beauty we find in the everyday aspects.
100% handmade filigree set

This beautiful filigree set is 100% handmade. We make the set exclusively to order.

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traditional Croatian jewelry
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